When Should you Start Pursuing an MBA Degree?

If you’re stuck working an entry-level job and want to progress your professional career in business, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) could be the degree for you. With most positions requiring an MBA degree having an average salary of $130,000(USD), it seems like a degree that would pay off in the long run.

Having an MBA degree does significantly increase your chances of a higher salary. Source: FT MBA rankings data

But the real question is when would be the right time to take an MBA program? Most MBAs take around 2~3 years and you need to dedicate at least one year of time to online ones. It is a master’s program after all. It’s never easy to find the right time to put a pause on your career to pursue an MBA but there are ideal conditions you should take into consideration before you do.

The Importance of Job Experience

If you have just graduated and got a bachelor’s degree in business administration, it is not suggested that you go take an MBA program right after graduation. Many, if not all, job positions requiring an MBA degree also require you to have some sort of job experience. Because of that, it is suggested that you take up an entry-level job to build up your portfolio. It is also a good time to save up some of that money so you can avoid checking out a loan from the bank to pay for the degree.

And with the demand for MBA’s growing due to business administration needs, it would be difficult not to find a job with an MBA degree and 2~3 years of job experience. From start-ups to corporate jobs, there are plenty of jobs out there demanding an individual with an MBA degree and it would be foolish not to take one if you have the time and the money.

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