What do I need to be a viable MBA candidate?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-recognized graduate-level degree that develops the skills required for careers in business and management. The value of the MBA, however, is not limited strictly to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those pursuing a managerial career in the public sector, a

A good MBA candidate needs professional experience

Most accredited MBA programs will require candidates to have at least two or three years of post-degree, full-time work experience. However, many applicants have substantially more working knowledge and the best among them have evidence

What GMAT or GRE score should an MBA candidate have?

When it comes to the academic experience, most MBA programs of any type will include a “core” curriculum of subjects that students are required to take. This gives candidates a solid and broad foundation in general management concepts and all the key disciplines: accounting and finance; leadership and organizational behavior; marketing; technology and operations management; strategy; economics; entrepreneurship and innovation.

An MBA candidate should have good grades

Admissions to business school are competitive. Quality schools generally require that candidates have at least three years of professional work experience before starting an MBA program. Traditionally, applicants have been asked to submit a standardized test score such as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), but many schools have now made admissions testing optional.

What about extracurriculars?

Many graduates of MBA programs report a strong return on their initial investment, with the degree being highly valued by employers across the globe. In addition, there has been a massive geographic expansion of MBA programs over the past four decades as employer demand around the world has soared.